WaterMark Bar and Grille accepts reservations for parties of 12-30 in our dining area  (30 or more can be accommodated in banquet room).


The following criteria needs to be determined within 7 days prior to your reservation for large parties.



Person in charge of making the reservation will receive four options of a limited menu. Each menu has a variety of food and price range. Menu options are final with no substitutions.



Drinks must be ordered through your server, no exceptions.



All drinks and food will be on one bill. We cannot provide separate checks.  If more than one credit card would like to be used the bill will be split evenly with no more than a four maximum credit card.



The reservation time you choose is the time your table will be ready. A majority of your party needs to be present before being seated. We understand that party sizes change and a few may arrive later. But if your party is not present within half hour of the assigned reservation time, your table will be given away and the credit card on hold will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

24420 Jefferson Ave 

St. Clair Shores, MI 48080


(586) 777-3677

Hours of operation:

Tuesday - 12pm - 9pm (kitchen closes)

Wednesday - 12pm - 9pm (kitchen closes)

Thursday - 12pm -9pm (kitchen closes)

Friday - 12pm - 10pm (kitchen closes)

Saturday - 12pm - 10pm (kitchen closes)

Sunday - 12pm - 8pm (kitchen closes)

Monday - Closed